About Drive

DRIVE is our interactive media streaming server, adding live video conferencing and video-enhanced chat using the Adobe™ Flash™ Platform to our portfolio. It uses the RealTime Messaging Protocol RTMP to push content and video to the users browser or to receive the same from the user. It supports the follow core features:

  • implements the RealTime Messaging Protocol RTMP (although it is probably not a compliant implementation),
  • Streaming audio and video (FLV container format),
  • Live Stream Multicasting,
  • Recording audio and video streams from the client,
  • Remote Shared Objects,
  • Remote Procedure Calls,
  • Integration with a messaging server backend such as PSYC or XMPP (not provided in Personal Edition),
  • clustering of several media servers (not provided in Personal Edition).

Written in a combination of C and pike DRIVE is highly performant, processing several tens of thousand of remote procedure calls per second and CPU or streaming video at transfer rates up to several gigabit per second from a single machine. At the same time, adhering to the PSYC principle of customizability, it allows you to completly control the way that your data is processed. Our clustering solutions which allow several server instances to communicate with each other make good use of that feature.

About Clustering and Scalability

Clustering and Scalability are very hot topics. There is no one-size-fits-all ready made solution, instead we carefully analyze the requirements to find out which of the solutions that we have developed in the last twenty years will be the perfect fit for you! Someone once called us a haberdasher for chat systems and we're proud of that.

What can DRIVE do for you?

Some examples of applications that go beyond the basic functionality of the server:

A Shoutbox

A very basic example of how to make users interact in a text-based group chat. Very easy to integrate with your existing userbase and easy to extend into a full-blown groupchat.

One-to-One videotelephony

The classical telephony scenario. While this is a quite popular beginners application, doing it right requires alot of experience with signalling protocols such as SIP to negotiate call options such as the audio codec to be used. We provide a ready-made skinnable FLEX® SWC library for that, including an example application and instructions how to integrate this with your userbase.

Jingle - One-to-One the XMPP way

Since we have lots of experience with XMPP we thought about interoperability with Jingle-based XMPP clients. Since the arrival of the Speex Audio Codec in Flash Player 10, this is possible without audio transcoding. Unlike the rejected Jingle RTMP proposal our solution mimics a compliant implementation to the remote side, acting as a bridge between any Jingle-capable client and the Flash Player. We provide both a specification of how to do things on the RTMP side as well as a demo application.

Push-to-Talk Multi-User Videoconferencing

This integrates the classic chatroom with voice and video and features a audio-visual chat history. You did not understand what the other person said? Make the server repeat it for you!

Of course we can provide you with skinnable clientside code for that as well.

Ideas for an application?

You have a great idea for an application, but are not sure how to implement it on the server side? Contact us, we are always interested in new ideas.

Server-side code for those applications and client-side example code can be purchased separately.

How can we help you?

We can provide you with

  • the server software (obviously),
  • ready-made server-side code for the applications mentioned above,
  • support and feature development.

Additionally we provide hosting options for any of the applications mentioned above.

Personal Edition

Would you like to try our server? We provide a Personal Edition that is free for personal and non-commercial usage. Read the LICENSE before downloading this.

Coming soon...

Standard Edition

Should you like the Personal Edition and want to deploy it for an unlimited number of concurrent users on your own hardware we offer you different license options which allows you to do so. Your options are:

  • Subscription Edition - pay per month, includes upgrades,
  • Perpetual Edition - pay once, get upgrades within the next 12 months.

One license per machine is required, we provide volume discounts on request.

Support Contract

While we do provide support for the Standard Edition, getting a support contract is a good way to lower our response times.

drive API Documentation

Coming soon.